WHAT IS MTL AND DTL? ام تي ال/ دي تي ال

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Different methods result in different experiences. Choosing one method over the other is crucial to understand because it will be affected by several factors:

  1. How you interface with your device
  2. Airflow setting
  3. Coil type
  4. E-juice VG and PG Ratio
  5. Wattage of battery

(MTL)/(M2L)/(ML)  is the abbreviation for Mouth to Lung:

The method involves the vapour being drawn into your mouth, held for a few seconds and then taken back into the lungs, then exhaled.

  • MTL vaping comes close to smoking a cigarette.

    Here are common characteristics in MTL vaping:

    • Low Wattage Devices: The wattage for MTL coils is usually preferably under 20 watts. and some device have 25 wattsmeaning it does not have high cloud production, because MTL vapes require less power.
    • High Resistance Coils: MTL coils, the resistance is typically (1.2 ohms recommended) or higher, coils with high resistance will produce less vapor.
    • Flavor: MTL vape has high flavor intensity since the vapor lingers in your mouth longer.
    • Tasting: 2 way taste ( 1- when held in your mouth 2- when you exhaled through your mouth.)
    • E-juice VG and PG Ratio:
    • High Nicotine Strength: More effective with high nicotine strengths such as nicotine salts (25-50 mg) due to lack of vapor production.
    • You can use MTL with sub-ohm devices, but the vape will get uncomfortably hot, and flavor production will be diminished.
    • The devices made for MTL have small coils made of artificial fibers. Thus, they do not need manual wicking. These devices are best run on low wattages under 20 watts, Using a coil with 1.2 ohms or higher guarantees that you enjoy MTL.
    (DTL)/(D2L)/(DL) is the abbreviation for Direct to Lung:

      This is the method of taking the vapour directly into your lungs in one long inhale. Imagine taking a deep breath in, you do not take the air into your mouth and hold it for a second, that’s what DL vaping is.

      • DTL vaping comes close to smoking a Shisha.
      Here are common characteristics in DTL vaping:
      • High Wattage Devices: Increased power equals greater cloud production resulting in higher e-liquid consumption.
      • Lower Resistance Coils: Coils are lower than 1.0 ohm.
      • Coils with low resistance will produce Cloud production.
      • Tasting: 1 way taste (1- when you exhaled through your mouth.)
      • DTL vapes will often use sub-ohm coils, These coils allow you to produce more vapour without getting too hot. These coils require more power than the coils found in MTL vapes.
      • Larger Devices: Compared to MTL vape devices, DTL devices are larger due to battery size.   
      Mouth to Lung
      Direct to Lung
      Similar to a cigarette. Similar to a shisha
      Low Wattage Device
      High Wattage Device
      High Resistance Coil Less Resistance Coil
      Lower vapour production
      High vapour production
      High Nicotine Level
      Low Nicotine Level
      Less e-juice consumption
      More e-juice consumption
      High Flavor
      Less Flavor
      Throat Hit

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