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All you need to know about vape terminology electronic smoking electronic cigarette electronic shisha vape dubai vape in dubai vape abu dhabi vape store in uae vape online ajman sharjah alain ras al khaimah umm al quwain fujairah.

كل ما تحتاج معرفته عن مصطلحات الفيب التدخين الكتروني السجاره الاكتروني الشيشه الاكترونيه الامارات ابوظبي دبي  

The standard heating element in an e-cig. As it warms up, the atoms that make up the e-juice move faster, which transforms the liquid into vapor.
The heating element’s power source. E cig batteries vary between lithium polymer and lithium-ion and can be replaceable or integrated into the device.
Box Mod
A type of mod supported by a big, box-shaped battery.
A tank with a built-in atomizer. They can be disposable or refillable.
A clear cartomizer with visible e liquid.
An e cig designed to look like a tobacco cigarette.
A large plume of vapor produced by heating e-liquids to high temperatures.
Cloudchaser  Vaping enthusiast who loves making big vapor clouds.
The metal conductor for the heating element.
Direct lung, inhaling directly in one big breath.
Drip Tip
A drip tip is a vape accessory used as the mouthpiece on atomizers and vape tanks
Dripping Instead of filling an e-liquid tank with your juice, you drip it directly on your exposed coils and wick
Dry Burn
A technique for cleaning atomizers by burning the coil in short durations with no e-juice present.
Dry Hit
A harsh tasting hit resulting from an insufficient supply of e-juice.
A removable container that holds e-liquid ready for use. They often include an absorbent filler material.
E cig/E-cig
Short for electronic cigarette.
E liquid/e juice
Synonymous terms for the flavored liquids e cigs use to produce vapor.
Hot spot hot spot is an area of the coil that heats up faster than the rest of the coil
Leaking liquid comes out of the tank through the airflow system, it causes leakage. There can be leakage of a few drops or it can lead to emptying the whole tank.
Lung Hit
Inhaling vapor directly into the lungs.
A type of e cig made up of separable components. The term originally applied to personal vaporizers that had been either modified from a pre-manufactured e cig or built from scratch to meet the specific desires of the user; however, the term is now commonly used to describe any e cig that isn’t a cig-a-like.
Mechanical Mod
mechanical mods have no safety features or chips to protect you in case of failure.
Mouth Hit
Drawing vapor from an e-cig into the mouth before either inhaling it into the lungs or blowing it back out.
E liquids with or without nicotine.
The scientific measure of electrical resistance. Lower resistance results in faster heating.
Propylene glycol, a common base for e-liquids.
Regulated Mod
A mod with safety features to prevent overheating.
The rate at which electricity travels through the heating element.
RBA Re-Buildable Atomizer.
Rebuildable Base Atomizer.
RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.
RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.
RDTA Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer.
Spitback is recognizable as the liquid directly coming to the mouth.
The reservoir for e liquid to be used with an e cig.
The type of connection used to attach the e liquid container to the device.
Throat Hit
 A draw that you can feel tingling the back of your throat – usually associated with higher nicotine levels.
Unregulated Mod
Another term for mechanical mod.
Vaper’s tongue:
A temporary dulling of the sense of taste that sometimes follows intense vaping sessions or vaping the same flavor for long periods of time.
Vegetable glycerin, another common e-liquid base.
Variable voltage, or the ability to control an e cig’s voltage.
Variable wattage, or the ability to control an e cig’s wattage.
An absorbent material that draws e-liquid onto the heating element.

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